Afghan Lodhi In Mardan

By Hassan Khan Lodhi



Lodhi (or Lodi; Pashto / Urdu: لودھی  ) is a Pashtun tribe of 2 million people, most likely a sub-group of the larger Ghilzai tribe of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They were part of a wave of Pashtuns who pushed east into what is today Pakistan. Often accompanying the Timurids who conquered South Asia, the Lodhi established themselves during the Islamic period as a Muslim ruling class and were valued warriors.

Legend has it that the tribe derives from a descendent of Qais Abdur Rashid, who married a Turkish prince. The term Lodhi is said to be a corruption of the Pashto word loy dha (meaning big person)

    Members of this tribe established the Lodhi dynasty, which ruled over the Delhi Sultanate and included the prominent ruler Ibrahim Lodhi. The "Lodhi" family name is often linked with the title "Khan" in the form "Khan Lodhi" or "Khan-Lodhi". Sometimes only the "Khan" or "Lodhi" is retained. "Khan" is a title denoting nobility, and does not necessarily mean its bearer is a Lodhi or of Lodhi extraction.

Today, Lodhi are mainly found in Afghanistan, the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and the Punjab region of Pakistan and Delhi, Utter Pradesh and Bihar region of India. They usually practice Islam, the majority being [[Sunni}]


Ancestors of Afghan Lodhi Family in Mardan








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Sir Lord Thomas Roe and Nawab Khan Jehan Lodhi.  more....


 Queen Marry 2nd-England (1689-1694)

{British gallantry award-equivalent of the Nishan-e-Haider}

 Queen Marry 2 of England (1689-1694) after the war of Haiderabad daccan India.

When Nawab Maj. Shadi Khan Lodhi S/O of Nawab Hassan Khan Lodhi, Nawab of Burhan pur Daccan was died in the war of Haiderabad daccan India, then this certificate was given to his wife of the honor and bravery of her husband. I have this certificate.




This is bosom buddy of Nawab Shah Ali Khan Lodhi S/O Nawab Ashad Ali Khan Lodhi and this picture is preserves in his record tills now.







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  This is family picture of Col. W. Elliott Lockhart and he had took this picture at 94 of his birthday occasion. And the picture was sent by his daughter, for more the letter is given below.













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